Doctor Tracker

A physician or professional has been added to our Physician Tracking map if they meet the following criteria:

  1. They must have been referred to us by a known physician or reputable source AND
  2. They must have published at least 2 papers on pheo/para OR
  3. They must be affiliated with an internationally recognized pheo/para organization.

In addition, pheochromocytoma experts (**) have been identified within the group. Just look for this symbol (**) beside their name .  In order to be considered an expert in pheo/para a professional must:

  1. Have treated more than 150 patients in their career and/or
  2. Have published more than 40 papers on pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma
This list includes physicians, surgeons, researchers, experts and others experienced in the treatment and management of pheo/para. If a search of your local area has come up without a result, or yields the wrong type of clinician you can take the following steps to try to locate the medical professional you need. (1) consult any clinicians on the list that are close to your area to ask them for a referral to a physician or surgeon in your area who has experience with pheo/para (2) be prepared to travel to be seen by a professional who has experience with pheo/para (3) Contact your national endocrinology site to ask for a referral to a specialist with pheo/para experience. (4) Contact your local rep (information can be found on our Trooper Patient Map) to speak to them about personal experience and referrals (5) Contact us at