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Troopers 5th Invade Bull & Bear Pub

The Capogreco and Dupee families joined forces in this year’s annual Invade series at Bull & Bear Pub in Syracuse, NY.  This is the 5th anniversary of the event where Trooper representatives tend bar for donations in the form of tips.  This year also marked the 5th anniversary of the passing of Nicholas Capogreco and Erika Dupee to whom this benefit is dedicated.  More than 70 people came down to support the Troopers in raising over $4,000 in just an hour and a half!  This year our fellow Troopers were overly generous with donations of money and goods. Special thanks are given to the Nappi family for their donations, including all of our raffle items, and to the staff and management of Bull & Bear Pub who donated all of the food (and there was quite a spread).  Having fun and raising money can be as easy as holding an event like this. Thank you to all who participated and supported us once again.  Look for us at the next Invade event at Maggie’s on the River in Watertown, NY in March.

Progenics Pharmaceutical Phase II Trial

Good news!!!

Our allies at Progenics Pharmaceuticals have re-initiated a phase II clinical trial of AzedraTM.  This is a treatment for malignant relapsed or refractory pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma.  AzedraTM is a very high specific form of iobenguane I131, (a.k.a. 131ImIBG therapy) and it is produced using a proprietary Ultratrace® platform. This technology is designed to prevent unlabeled or “cold” iobenguane from being carried through the manufacturing process to the final formulation. This allows AzedraTM to deliver more effective tumor destruction while avoiding the typical side effects caused by the low specific activity product.

For complete information on this clinical trial, please visit:

or contact:

Jessica D Jensen, MPH
Associate Director, Clinical Operations
Tel: 914.789.2843